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Learning at TLA


At Temple Learning Academy, the strands of English (reading, writing and oracy) have been weaved together carefully to form our rich, ambitious and inspiring curriculum, which challenges our children appropriately at every point in their journey.

Reception children access a range of writing opportunities in both indoor and outdoor areas of provision. From Year 1, our writing process ensures that all children gain the knowledge and skills to progress from their baseline ‘Cold’ pieces to ultimately produce their final ‘Hot’ writing, which includes the features of the focus genre and demonstrates command of tone, purpose and audience. Children are actively engaged in this process, make thoughtful edits and improvements to their writing and take great pride in their published pieces. 

Handwriting is taught regularly. Initially, children develop their fine motor control and pencil grip and learn to form letters using Read Write Inc Phonics. From Year 2, this is adapted into a pre-cursive style. From Year 3, children begin to join fluently, legibly and with increasing speed. From Year 5, children write in pen. SEND children are supported appropriately at their individual stages. Handwriting is promoted and celebrated through a progressive system of pencil grips, pencil licences and pen licences. 

Spelling is taught discretely through the Read Write Inc Get Spelling scheme; this builds on the foundation of early writing established in EYFS and Year 1 with our RWI Phonics scheme. Using this approach, staff teach children to understand the correspondence between phonemes and graphemes in spoken and written words and break down their morphology, rather than relying on memorisation.

Temple Learning Academy - Pupils Writing - 2023

In our Writing lessons, you will see: 

  • Robust, sequenced curriculum planning which follows our Primary Stages of Writing document. 
  • Sequences of learning which begin with an independent Cold Write and end with an independent Hot Write. 
  • High-quality talk modelled consistently by staff and embedded in children’s approach to writing. 
  • Learning walls used effectively to display the process of learning across each unit. 
  • Children writing consciously for a range of purposes which excite and motivate them. 
  • SEND children supported and scaffolded to access opportunities for independent writing. 
  • Spelling taught discretely using the RWI Get Spelling scheme. 
  • Handwriting taught discretely and regularly, appropriate to the age and stage of children. 
  • High standards of presentation and prompt, effective challenge when these are not met. 
  • Children proof-reading and editing for impact by themselves, with teachers and with peers. 

Genre and SPaG Map

Stages of Writing




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