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Red Kite Learning Trust

Learning at TLA

RHE – Primary

Temple Learning Academy - Pupils Reading - 2023We aim to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they know more, remember more and understand more.

Pupils with special educational needs will be given the opportunity to fully participate in RHE lessons, and a differentiated programme will be provided where necessary, to ensure that all pupils gain a full understanding.


To support our children and community in positively engaging with our RHE curriculum we completed a consultation period around this learning. Please see below for the information relating to this and the statutory guidelines that we must follow. If you have any questions about this and the learning that your child will complete, please contact school to discuss this with the team.

RHE 1 Overview   RHE 2 Relationships  

RHE 3 Health  RHE 4 Sex Education

Our Aims are:

  • To sensitively meet the needs of our children in partnership with parents/carers.
  • To enable young people to make responsible and informed decisions about their lives.
  • To prepare pupils to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of growing up.
  • To offer balanced and factual information appropriate to the age and maturity of the pupils acknowledging the moral and ethical issues involved
  • To have the confidence and self-esteem to value themselves and others
  • To understand about the range of relationships, including the importance of family for the care and support of children
  • To develop confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships
  • To be able to name parts of the body and describe how their bodies work
  • To be prepared for puberty
  • To give pupils an elementary understanding of human reproduction
  • To understand the consequences of their actions and behave responsibly within relationships
  • To be able to recognise unsafe situations and be able to protect themselves and ask for help and support
  • To understand the role the media plays in forming attitudes
  • To understand how safe routines can reduce the spread of viruses

Temple Learning Academy is part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 7523507, registered office address: Red Kite Office, Pannal Ash Road, Harrogate, HG2 9PH

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