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Health & Social Care Curriculum

Our Subject Vision

Health and Social Care is an exciting new subject added to our curriculum this year. This course allows students to embark on a journey which will develop their knowledge of the wider world and their independent thinking skills. The students who choose this course use their critical thinking skills across a wide range of subjects that greatly effect society. This course also inspires students to understand the world of work and how working in industries such as Health Care and Social care is an integral and important part of a functional society.

Students’ maturity, tolerance and respect are also developed through this course. They are asked to research many topics which may be new to them and involve them opening their minds to new concepts and other people’s perspectives. The course allows students to question the world and see the world from a range of different viewpoints, and the perspective of some of the most vulnerable people in society. This encourages empathy and the ability to deal with upsetting and challenging situations with confidence and care.

Which qualifications do we offer at KS4?

Btec Tech Award Level 2 Health and Social Care


Where could this subject ultimately take you?

This course could open the door to a wide range of further study and employment. Careers within Medicine, The Health Care Sector, The Social Care sector, Counselling are just a few paths that this course could fire an interest in. Demand for jobs within these sectors is always going to be high as our populations ages. In most recent times, the burden on our health and social care services has also increased so job opportunities will be plentiful.

Any career path that involves leading a team and ensuring good relationships would also be a valid path for anyone interested in Health and Social Care.

What enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities do we offer in Health and Social Care?

After school session are run by the course leader to develop skills in research, essay writing and exam technique. These also coincide with assignment deadlines as a support for students taking this course.

Guest speakers also come into school to discuss their lives with the students so they can be used as case studies for their research.

Visits to local care providers to see services in action will be embedded into the 2 year curriculum.

What will students study in Health and Social Care?

Key Stage 4

This course is assessed through a combination of external exams and internal coursework.

Year 10

Component 1: Human Lifespan Development (Internal Coursework)

In this component, students will study Physical, intellectual, emotions and social development (PIES)across all the different life stages. This will cover expected development and considers what happens when development through certain life choices and external influences. They will examine and evaluate the impact of certain choice individuals make and explore the ways this effects their PIES. Students will also look at what support is available to individuals who face challenges with their development both expected and unexpected.

Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values (Internal Coursework)

This component explores what services exist within society and how and why individuals might need these services and how they get access to them. Students will explore how and why services are effected both positively and negatively in line with changes in society. They will develop their empathy skills as they examine and learn about fundamental care values within health and social care settings as see these setting from a range of viewpoints. Students will explore how having core values ensure a high quality of care for the most vulnerable members of society.

Year 11

Component 2: Health and Social Care Values (Internal Coursework)

Component 2 spans across the 2-year course. (See outline of this component above)

Component 3: Health and Wellbeing (External Case Study Exam)

Students will study what it means to be healthy in this component. They will evaluate and explore different lifestyles and how these lifestyles may impact on individuals’ development. Within this component, students will look at definitions of what it means to be healthy, and they will also explore how the health sector promotes and supports people to achieve healthy lifestyles.

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