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Curriculum Vision

Temple Learning Academy - Pupils Writing - 2023Nurturing ambition, delivering excellence and enriching children’s lives.

Courage Opportunity Respect Excellence.

At Temple Learning Academy, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence for our students. This is achieved through a curriculum of excellence, both in terms of personal and academic development.

We believe that strong education is the greatest foundation for future success. First and foremost, this is achieved through the delivery of our broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, built upon powerful knowledge, which enables our students to reach their full potential as successful, well-rounded adults, equipped for the world of work and modern citizenship. 

Curriculum Vision        Curriculum Rationale

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Our curriculum is knowledge rich

At Temple Learning Academy, we understand that students who know more can do more and consequently, they succeed. We have carefully mapped a 12-year curriculum which maximises opportunities to develop powerful knowledge, year on year.  Our Curriculum Leaders have carefully mapped and sequenced the knowledge required for students to excel in their learning, allowing them to move from confident knowledge, to skilled application and then to perceptive prediction and innovation.

Within our primary setting, we are mindful of the knowledge which children need to acquire and retain to build on previous learning through a well-planned sequence of lessons. Each sequence of lessons is carefully mapped, starting with links from the EYFS curriculum, to ensure children are ready for the next stage of their learning. Teachers are clear about prior learning and revisit this with low stakes testing combining a cumulative pedagogical approach with the introduction of new knowledge. Teachers are constantly assessing whether the new knowledge has been retained before moving on in the sequence of planned lessons

Within our Secondary setting, curriculum staff will continue to enhance the academic, cultural and personal understanding of the students and allow them master the knowledge necessary to succeed academically. Within each sequence of teaching, students will both drive forward into challenging new content and return, iteratively, to what they have learned before. This will enable them to demonstrate increasing academic strength and dexterity as the depth of their subject knowledge advances.

Our curriculum is aspirational

At Temple Learning Academy, we aspire to enrich the experiences of all our students and deliver an empowering curriculum which provides all the knowledge, skills, accomplishments and self-belief they need to succeed in the future. Central to this is the opportunity to develop their personal strengths and qualities; their character; their understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which they live and may work in the future; in their role as citizens; in their personal moral and spiritual beliefs; their understanding of how to live healthy and fulfilled lives and to have healthy loving relationships; their employability and future aspirations and their communication skills. This is anchored in an ambitious Personal Development curriculum which allows students to focus on three core themes: society ready; work ready; well-being ready.

A robust Careers Programme is in place which is supported by the guidance of our Careers Advisor. Students are encouraged to be aspirational from Primary age through opportunities to take part in career related activities within PD lessons and through external providers visiting school.

Within our primary setting curriculum leaders have mapped out knowledge and skills to support children to build on prior learning and to ensure that meaningful links are made between subjects to develop topics. As well as these carefully planned topics all primary pupils will have discrete teaching in Science, PSHE, RHE and MFL to be ready for the next phase of their learning. Specialist teaching in Y5 and Y6, further strengthens this readiness to progress into the Secondary setting.

Within our Secondary setting, students will continue to receive one hour per week on explicitly Personal Development curriculum which will encompass RSE, PSHCE and Careers guidance. By investing in this Personal Development alongside their academic learning, students will continue to continuously improve their academic and personal qualities and thrive as young adults. In secondary, all curriculum leaders have carefully considered how their subject supports students into the world of work and have built opportunities for students create links between their learning in school and their future careers. This includes enrichment activities, trips and visits and guest speakers.

Our curriculum offers students to develop the skills and aspiration to be lifelong learners

Our curriculum ambition is to challenge all our students to be knowledge and vocabulary rich, to foster deep learning opportunities, so that they become successful lifelong learners who demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation for learning, and determination to reach their potential.  We have designed our curriculum to build opportunities for our students to develop a strong sense of character, and responsibility as young citizens who are able to make positive contributions now, and in the future, to the communities which they belong. Our curriculum intent is to nurture a culture of aspiration. It is designed to ensure that students can build upon existing knowledge and skills within each subject and make links with their past, present and future learning; hence, our students are equipped with the skills that enable them to apply their knowledge and experience a sense of accomplishment.  At Temple Learning Academy we have adopted a consistent approach in terms of lesson planning and delivery to ensure the regular recaps of key subject content and give all students the opportunity to deepen their understanding where possible. Developing from Primary, these lesson essentials build to improve long-term memory and fluency. We aspire for our students to be fully prepared for the next stages of education whether that is at the end of EYFS or as school leavers in Y11.  We create resilient, independent, and aspirational lifelong learners.

Our curriculum is anchored in valued academic subjects

Due to our unique ‘all-through’ staffing structure, students in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 benefit from subject specialist delivery in a range of subjects. This is rare for students in a ‘traditional’ primary setting and is part of what makes us to proud of our curriculum offer. Similarly, we preserve a broad academic curriculum until the end of year 9.  Our Curriculum Leaders have sought opportunities to move beyond the National Curriculum and to provide students with approaches to learning that allow them to move beyond mastering the material needed to pass the exam, and to instead develop an appreciation for each subject and its place within the world.

Within our Primary Setting, all pupils will study a broad range of subjects carefully linked to the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 and EYFS Framework. By developing strong speaking and listening skills children will be confident in sharing their learning to support teachers in planning for progress within each lesson. Children will know what they are learning and why. They will understand how it links to prior learning and where their learning will develop throughout their school career. Each topic within Primary is driven, in the main, by Geography and History, to make links to personal history and community. Physical development is a priority in EYFS and into KS1 and KS2, supporting children’s understanding of being ready to learn, both physically and mentally. This is strengthened by a Personal Development curriculum bespoke to Temple Learning Academy.

Within our Secondary setting, students will continue to study a broad range of subjects in Key Stage 3. In Years 7, 8 and 9 students will study English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Education, Information Technology, PE, Drama & Dance, Music, Art and Technology (Resistant Materials, Textiles, Food Technology).  In Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) students will study the ‘academic core’ of English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Science (double award) and either History or Geography. All students will also continue to study Religious Education and PE where they will follow non-accredited programmes of study. Alongside this, students will choose 3 ‘options’ qualifications from a range of subjects. These include: Spanish, History, Geography (if not already studied), Religious Education, Dance, Drama, Art, Textiles, Food & Nutrition, Computing, Citizenship, PE or Sports Science and Health & Social Care. We offer GCSE and BTEC courses as well as a range of bespoke vocational offers for students for whom this is appropriate. We also offer dual pathways in KS4 which enable, for example, students to study for both the GCSE and the Entry Level certificate in certain subjects.

Our curriculum supports personal development

At Temple Learning Academy, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence for all our students. For us, personal excellence is not just the achievement of exceptional awards or one-off outstanding performance. At Temple Learning Academy, we are committed to helping students develop a character of excellence, underpinned by respect, opportunity and courage.  Through our holistic approach to Personal Development delivered through discreet lessons, coverage through the academic curriculum, targeted personal experiences as well as enrichment opportunities, pupils are given the skills and knowledge to become responsible, respectful young people who are motivated to make positive contributions to society and strive for personal excellence.

Our curriculum recognises that reading is a critical component in enabling future success for our students.

At Temple Learning Academy, we champion reading at all ages. We understand that reading for pleasure, and for purpose, is an important factor for life-long learners.

Within our Primary setting, children make a strong start with early reading through a sequential synthetic phonics programme taught in small groups and with specialist training in place for all staff delivering this programme. This system is further strengthened through 1:1 support for the youngest children and a focus on supporting the lowest 20% of each cohort. Throughout KS1 children continue to learn using this programme while introducing key texts, class stories and exposure to the literary canon. As children move to KS2 their love of reading is developed through use of quality texts, carefully planned guided reading sessions as well as reading for pleasure with class story time in place each day.

Within our Secondary setting, the English curriculum provides students with a wealth of structured engagement in the literary canon and modern contemporary works of note. Across a range of subjects, Curriculum leaders have thought carefully about how the ‘text diet’ of our students provides them with opportunities to study culturally significant material as well as being diverse and representative. Alongside this formal, structured exposure to great texts, students will also be exposed to a wide range of opportunities to read for pleasure, to celebrate reading and to share their joy of reading with others. For those students who are not able to read fluently, additional support and intervention is put into place. While this work is done, their classroom teachers will provide scaffolding and support to prevent this becoming a barrier for their future learning. 

Our curriculum vision is inclusive

At Temple Learning Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all our students, whatever their talents or additional needs, find both support and challenge within our curriculum offer. We display a variety of support strategies both within the mainstream classroom and in a small group or individual basis, this enables them to explore the full extent of their academic, creative and personal capabilities and develop a breadth of skills and passions which will follow them into adult life. We reserve the right, under exceptional circumstances, to insist that a student accesses their educational provision in an alternative provision to Temple Learning Academy, that better suits their specific circumstances and/or the needs of the rest of the school population.

We are committed to promoting the welfare and interests of our students with special needs, supporting their families and ensuring we do our best to provide accessibility in terms of curriculum provision, human and physical resources including making reasonable adjustments where necessary. We aim to ensure a successful transition to the next step after Temple Learning Academy.

Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom

Through both the “taught” curriculum in the classroom and the “untaught” experiences of wider school life, Temple Learning Academy seeks to provide students with all they need to thrive in adult life. We believe a successful curriculum is not measured purely by the exam outcomes or how students learn within the classroom. We believe that students need to be given opportunities to explore their personal gifts and talents, to participate in clubs and societies, to have new experiences, to build friendships and social connections and to use all of these experiences to shape their own confidence and self-belief. To this end, TLA supports a wide offer of afterschool clubs and enrichment activities.

Temple Learning Academy is part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 7523507, registered office address: Red Kite Office, Pannal Ash Road, Harrogate, HG2 9PH

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