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Music Curriculum

Our Subject Vision

Welcome to the start of your musical journey…

By the time you leave us you will be able to: write your own songs, know all about the opportunities in the music industry, and perform any song!

You will be: passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about lots of different types of music.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Which qualifications do we offer at KS4?

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Music Practice

Course Worth: Level 2 Pass Merit, Distinction or Distinction*
equivalent to GCSE grade 4-9 (or level 1 pass, equivalent to GCSE grade 1-3)

The BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music covers the key knowledge and practical skills required to work in the Music Industry from recording techniques in the studio to sound engineering and production in the media. The course is aimed at students who are looking to ‘learn through doing’. ‘Learning how to rather learning about’.

Where could this subject ultimately take you?

You could be the next big thing! At TLA we believe our students can do anything.

Sitting in our music classrooms are future song writers, film music composers, sound technicians, and recording artists.

After completing your BTEC Music, you could go onto studying A level or BTEC Level 3 music at sixth form or college, and then onto a music or music technology course at University, or at a conservatoire for example Leeds Conservatoire. Then the sky is the limit!

What enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities do we offer in Music?

All of our Key Stage 4 students are given a peripatetic lesson free of charge to support them in gaining experience, knowledge and skill in their chosen instrument. This ensures that students build up the confidence necessary to perform well in their performance unit in the BTEC course.

Key stage 3 students are able to attend a ‘jam club’ where they can demonstrate their skills and expertise on their instruments, and learn how to perform as part of an ensemble. We also have a KS3 choir who sing well known songs – watch out for a performance in the future!

What will students’ study in Music?

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Year 7: Year 7 is just the start – you will build on any skills you already have, and learn to: read music, play the keyboard and begin to perform confidently in front of an audience.

Topics you will learn about include: STOMP (how rhythms can be combined to make exciting patterns), Pachelbel’s Canon (how to read music and play the keyboard), The Blues (advanced keyboard skills – including both hands together, Improvisation (making up your own music), Adverts (including composing and learning about the music industry) and World Music (music from other cultures and traditions).

Every lesson you will: play an instrument, work with other people and learn something new!

Year 8

Year 8: Year 8 is where you begin to learn how your skills fit into the music industry. This helps you to see how you might progress with music as part of your future…

Topics you will learn about include: Song Writing (composing your own pop song), Cover Versions (learning about different genres and making well known songs into your own version), Film Music (how composers use their skills to write music that suits different film scenes), Musicals (how different job roles come together to put on a show and helping you perform more confidently).

Every lesson you will: play an instrument, learn how what you’re doing fits into the music industry, and build on your composition skills!

Year 9

Year 9: Year 9 is where you use your skills to begin working at an industry level, using the most up to date equipment.

Topics you will learn about include: Cover Versions (learning about different genres and making well known songs into your own version), Blues (advanced keyboard skills including playing with both hands together and improvisation) and The Music Industry (what different jobs there are, how they fit into the music industry, and using industry level software to compose dance music.)

At the end of Year 9 you can choose whether to take music into KS4 to gain a qualification. If you don’t choose to do this, you’re still a welcome part of our department, and there will be lots of opportunities for you to continue your love of music by performing and composing.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 and 11

Our department has the most up to date equipment which is the same as the ones used by industry experts. Our BTEC Music students’ study four different units: composition, performance, making a music product, and the music industry.

In composition, students work to a given brief which mimics the jobs of modern composers today. In performance, students prepare two contrasting pieces on their instrument of choice to perform to a small audience. In making a music product, students work together as part of a group to put on a music performance or create a CD or website – again mimicking the music industry. The music industry unit is an external exam, testing students on their knowledge and understanding of how the music industry works.

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