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Art Curriculum

Our Subject Vision

Welcome to the Art and design department! Here are Temple Learning Academy, we  believe that the study of Art, Craft and Design provides a creative platform for all students to positively observe the world around them and bravely find their own distinctive place within it. The study of art taps into a student’s imagination, creative instincts and self-worth.

Art opens doors, broadens horizons and creates opportunities for self-discovery regardless of ability or background.  Visual art is a valuable tool for discovery, experimentation, and development, where the process of creating is equally as important as any final outcome. We are committed to exploring possibilities, developing imagination, nurturing self-expression, and supporting big ideas. We encourage our students to be open-minded, to make links between creative skills and other aspects of their lives and to value the importance of the arts on their own mental well-being. We hope our students enjoy creating, are enthused and playful in their experiments, and have fun. 

Which qualifications do we offer at KS4?

AQA GCSE Art and Design (Art, craft and design) 

Component 1   
60% of the overall grade  

Non-exam assessment (NEA) set and marked by the school/college and moderated by AQA during a visit. Moderation will normally take place in June. 

Component 2  
Externally set exam  
40% of the overall grade 

Non-exam assessment (NEA) set by AQA; marked by the school/college and moderated by AQA during a visit. Moderation will normally take place in June. 

External Exams  
Preparatory period – paper available from start of January. Usual start of prep period - start of February 

Supervised time – 10 hours - Exam April


Where could this subject ultimately take you?

There is no denying that art and design give meaning and culture to life, but it is also important to recognise it as a career and a way to earn a living. In 2018 the creative industries contributed £111bn to the UK economy a large amount of which is increasing at a rapid growth. This figure is 7.4 percent up from previous years proving that the creative industry is the fastest growing.

A qualification in Art can lead to a career in many different fields including: -

  • Fashion/Interior industries. 
  • Creative Director/Media Manager/Journalist.
  • Photography in many different areas such as Music, Wildlife, and Advertising.
  • Event Management. Event management is one of the most booming top 10 careers in Arts 
  • Animation, and Illustration
  • Ceramics/ Sculpture
  • Graphic design
  • Architecture
  • Digital/Web design

All of the above are available to study into further education within Leeds.

Even where a pupil does not intend to pursue a career within the creative industry, Art provides the ability to think

differently to what is in front of them. It enables them to think of alternative solutions and to be able to fix problems that are years old with new ideas and processes. It is what keeps us constantly evolving, and what helps us to adapt to the inevitable changes that come with progress.

What enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities do we offer in Art?

Lunch Time and after school Art club – students have the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing in sessions run by Mr Drew. Recent projects have been the ‘Where can art take you?’ mural in the art room, followed by mural book characters in the Primary library

GCSE Booster sessions – Offering GCSE students time to come and use the schools resources to build on their projects in their own independent time.

Arts Council- a link between the primary and secondary school,  to create a shared vision for our Arts set up across Primary/Secondary and is the voices of our TLA children! In time, we aim to make connections with local schools and the wider Arts community to build up on promoting Arts at TLA and providing more Arts opportunities for our students. We will also be looking at developing fundraising within the Arts to support this process.

Trips and workshops- various trips have been planned and will be planned in the coming academic years, to Leeds Art Gallery, Henry Moore Institute, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and further afield.

What will students’ study in Art?

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students are taken on an exciting journey focusing on the formal elements of art, allowing them to begin to build on their knowledge of art skills and terminology. Students are given the fabulous opportunity of investigating Art history looking at different artists and movements. Current projects focus on portraiture, Expressionist print making, Fauvist landscapes and Aboriginal patterns and digeridoos.

Year 8

Current projects focus on futurist vehicles, food still lifes, cubism and Henry Moore figurative sculptures.  

Year 9

Students begin to focus on the difference between Artist and Designer, which they then lead onto look at Art as a product and the industry, they investigate contemporary art and how globalisation has helped inspire Artists. Current projects focus on Zaha Hadid and architecture forms and drawings, Native Americans and Totem Pole sculptures and hero/idol focussed pop art t-shirts.

At the end of KS3, students can choose whether to continue to study Art into KS4 and gain a qualification. For those that do not continue to study Art we hope they continue with their education with a lifelong love of drawing, understanding of famous Artists and appreciation of the art around them. We also hope that they will have developed skills such as presentation, creative thinking and problem solving as well as understanding of why people create Art and Visual art and continue to benefit from its therapeutic effect.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 and Year 11

In Years 10 & 11 students follow the AQA GCSE full course, building on the skills developed throughout KS3. Lessons are specifically developed to ensure students are encouraged to further develop their creativity, imagination and the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas in art, craft & design. Assessment is by Unit 1: Portfolio of Work (Controlled Assessment) 60 per cent and Unit 2: Externally Set Task 40 per cent.

We hope to be introducing a Photography qualification in September 2024.




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