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Our Subject Vision

At Temple Learning Academy we see Drama as a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. Get ready to be engaged and inspired as you develop a love of Drama and improve your talent as practitioners.

At the heart of drama is the development of these skills in all aspects of life; engagement, communication and creative imagination, clarity of expression, leadership confidence and cooperation.

Temple Learning Academy is lucky enough to have a brand-new purpose-built drama studio which, whenever possible, is used and treated like a professional studio. Students have often commented on the ‘magical’ atmosphere that is so often felt when taking part in a performance in the room. Whether a short year seven improvisation or the Y11 Blood Brothers Piece; drama adds to a pupil’s education by fuelling their imagination, developing creative thinking and by the appreciation of the work and efforts of others.

Which qualifications do we offer at KS4?

Currently students are studying:


Syllabus: Creative and Performing Arts (Acting) Exam Board RSL

Temple Learning Academy (49)

Where could this subject ultimately take you?

Typical performing arts jobs could be:

  • Actor
  • Dancer
  • Musical theatre performer
  • Dance, music- or drama- therapist
  • Theatre director
  • Screenwriter
  • Arts administrator
  • Theatre stage manager
  • Teacher
  • Drama Therapists

What enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities do we offer in Drama?

Throughout the year students have the opportunity to attend Drama clubs which are run after school, while also participating in school trips throughout the year. As part of the GCSE drama we hold workshops with professional companies. Our latest session was run by Paper Bird Theatre company and allowed students to spend the day devising and creating with professional actors.

What will students’ study in Drama?

Key Stage 3

Year 7

This is where the fun begins. Students will experience creative freedom and enjoyment in the subject, alongside developing confidence, resilience and the skills necessary to be successful. Students receive one fun filled, action packed lesson per week, through which they are introduced to the key drama skills and techniques, including Still Images, Thought Tracking, Hot-Seating, Monologues, Cross Cutting, Narration and Role play. Students get to work together as a team, fuelling each others imagination in a creative environment.

Year 8

In Year 8 students continue to develop their creativity by expanding their knowledge in so many ways. We look at, scripted and unscripted work, exploring character, relationships and issues. All the time constantly building on those skills that students have already learnt in Year 7. Students also get a glimpse into what happens at GCSE. Every lesson you will have the opportunity to stand on stage and perform your hearts out, using props, costumes and lighting.

Year 9

In Year 9 students learn how to analyse and evaluate their own performances and the work of others. We explore a range of workshops and play texts, such as Blood Brothers and Find Me and the students are given the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.

At the end of KS3, students can choose whether to continue to study Drama into KS4 and gain a qualification. For those that do not continue to study Drama we hope they continue with their education with a lifelong love of the Performing Arts, understanding of the different styles and techniques and appreciation of the subject. We also hope that the will have developed skills such as teamwork, confidence and Empathy which will help them in everyday life.

Key Stage 4

Year 10

Any aspiring professional performer will need to learn a variety of performance skills to perform in a way that will meet the expectations of their audience and also accurately represent them as performers. Beyond just performing effectively, students will learn to think about the other performers, technical crew, performance, equipment, the expectations of the audience, quality and variety in the set and the practice and rehearsal schedule it takes to get to the final performance itself. Students will benefit from regularly having the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, therefore this helping hone technique, expression and stage presence in order that high quality performance, and the practice required to get there, becomes second nature.

Year 11

Students will take part in two units, they will respond to a brief and plan a performance from scratch. They will propose ideas, plan rehearsals, analyse health and safety and then implement this plan. Following the rehearsal period, students will perform their created work and then evaluate the performance to develop their potential for future work.

The aim of these units is to give students the opportunity to explore all the skills required for a live performance. These range from planning, rehearsing and the performance itself to the reflection required post-performance to ensure continual development as performers. By undergoing the process of preparing for a live performance, learners will have the opportunity to experience the variety of activities and skills required to bring a performance together.

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