We believe that wearing a smart school uniform brings a sense of pride and belonging. We are proud of our school uniform and all children are expected to wear it.  Items of school uniform may be purchased from The School Uniform Shop (Harehills). Major chain stores also carry stock, which fits in with our uniform requirements.  We believe that the wearing of uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in our school. 

Reception to Year 4                                  Year 5 to Year 11

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School Uniform List

Smart weatherproof winter jacket or coat in plain dark colour: No fur, denim or leather. Outdoor clothing should not be worn in corridors or classrooms.
Polo Shirt From Reception to Year 4 pupils can choose to wear a plain white polo shirt in place of a shirt.
Shirt and Tie: Year 5 onwards a plain white school shirt, long or short sleeved, with collar and white buttons. Shirts must be tucked inside the skirt or trousers. Polo necks are not accepted. No T-shirts or polo shirts. If a vest is worn beneath the shirt for warmth, it must be white and not visible.

Pupils also wear a yellow and navy clip-on school tie from Year 5 onwards.

Sweater: Reception to Year 4 – Royal blue with school logo.

Year 5 to Year 11 – Navy blue with school logo.

Skirts: Dark grey ‘A’ line or pleated knee length skirt. No other style allowed.
Trousers: Dark grey tailored formal trousers. No other type of trousers will be permitted. No jeans, jean style, wide flares or skinny legs.
Shoes: Black school shoes with low, broad heels, suitable for walking in all weathers. No trainers, boots or canvas shoes. If laces are worn they must be black.
Socks: Plain white or black.
Tights: Plain black or neutral.
Headscarves: Plain black or white. No sequins, lace or patterns.
Jewellery: NO jewellery except one pair of small, stud earrings no bigger than the O on a keyboard, and a watch, which should not be valuable or ornamental. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of valuable items. Other than one earring in each ear, piercings are forbidden.
Make-up: None allowed (including nail varnish). Acrylic or fake nails are forbidden.
Badges: School issued badges allowed only.
Hair: Simple and neat. Hair accessories should be functional not ornamental and in school colours. Hair must not be dyed.

If you have any queries please contact the school.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named


Our school uniform is supplied by The School Uniform Shop on Harehills Lane. Children will need an appropriate outdoor coat to be worn on top of their uniform when the weather requires this.  Children will need sun hats and sun cream as appropriate in the summer. Please apply sun cream before the school day starts as we cannot do this at school.


Long hair must be tied back. Students may wear one pair of small gold or silver studs. These will need to be taken out or covered for P.E., so it is more convenient if they don’t wear them at all. Children may wear a sensible watch, but no other jewellery unless it is of specific religious significance. No nail varnish or make up should be worn at school.


Children will not need to bring any equipment to school such as pencil cases, books or personal bags. Everything they need will be provided for them. Children should not bring additional items to school as these can easily get lost and distract children from their learning. Occasionally children will be asked to bring in things which are relevant to a school topic or activity, in these cases please make sure that all these items are carefully labelled.

Book bags


Reading is a crucial part of children’s early development. At Temple Learning Academy we will use the Read Write Inc. programme for reading and phonics development. As part of this, children will be set reading tasks to complete at home. It is therefore crucial that every child has a  book bag which is brought to school every day in order that these skills can be developed. They also ensure notes and vital information is not lost between school and home. Book bags can be purchased from the school.



As PE can take place indoors or outdoors pupils need all items with them in a drawstring kit bag. This will stay in school and come home each holiday for washing.

  • Navy PE shorts
  • Plain white T shirt (Phase 1 & 2)
  • TLA Branded polo shirt (Phase 3 & 4)
  • TLA Sports Hoodie (Phase 3 & 4)
  • PE socks
  • Trainers (for outdoor lessons that can stay in school)

Children are encouraged to keep their PE kits in school. They should be stored in a kit bag.


All items must be clearly labelled. Items do occasionally go missing at school. We will only be able to help you in finding items if they are clearly labelled with your child’s name.