At Temple Learning Academy we have a team of highly skilled educational practitioners supporting all learning. This will help us achieve our overriding aim which is to deliver the very best quality of education to all of the children in our care. Our staff team will grow each year as the number of children increases.

Leadership Team

Mr S Huddleston – Principal

Miss A Smith – Deputy Principal

Mrs A Thompson – Deputy Principal

Mrs Schofield – Assistant Principal

Mr Holladay – Assistant Principal

Mrs L Morrell – Academy Leader for Inclusion

Mrs M Walmsley – Achievement Director for Lower School

Miss L Durn – Achievement Director for Middle School

Miss H Sully – Achievement Director for Upper School

Miss Gemma Ferguson – SENDCO

Programme Leaders

Miss K Ballantyne – Programme Leader for English

Mr D Williams – Programme Leader for Maths

Miss H Leighton – Programme Leader for PE

Mrs M Nevill – Programme Leader for Arts

Miss E Frost – Programme Leader for Technology