At Temple Learning Academy we have a team of highly skilled educational practitioners supporting all learning. This will help us achieve our overriding aim which is to deliver the very best quality of education to all of the children in our care. Our staff team will grow each year as the number of children increases.

See Phase links to find out which staff work in specific areas of school.


Leadership Team

Mr Matthew Browne – Co Principal & Designated Child Protection Officer

Mr Richard Hadfield – Co Principal

Mrs Melanie Walmsley – Phase 1 Leader

Miss Helen Sully – Phase 3 Leader

Miss Lyndsey Durn – Phase 2 Leader

Miss Andrea Smith – Inclusion Leader

Teaching Staff

Miss Skye Thornber

Mrs Louise Moran

Miss Shakira Hussain

Miss Sehrish Ali

Miss Lauryn Dean

Dr Julian Burkinshaw

Mrs Maria Vasconcelos

Miss Lauren Durn

Miss Kirsty Gledhill

Mr Nick Hext

Miss Keisha Hudson

Mrs Lizzie Knipe

Miss Rebecca Richter

Mrs Jayne Sexton

Mr Jake Steeper

Mrs Lucinda Waghorn

Miss Kate Whittaker

Miss Katy Ballantyne

Mrs Hannah Lamptey

Miss Hannah Leighton

Mr Darrell Williams

Mr David Hartley

Mrs Emile Robinson

Mrs Clare Waddington

Miss Daniele Prime

Miss Uma Kotwal

Mrs Louise Roberts

Mrs Rachael Poole

Miss Carolina Brianezi

Mr Gareth Connor

Mrs Robin Kitchen

Miss Amy Lee

Miss Soraya Benitez

Miss Emily Frost

Miss Danielle Richardson

Mrs Amy Mitchell

Miss Gemma Ferguson

Mrs Mandy Nevill

Mrs Michelle Quayle

Support Staff

Miss Olwyn Moss – HLTA

Mrs Janine Gill – HLTA

Mr Lloyd Nolan – HLTA

Mr Jeremy Serlin – HLTA

Mrs Janet Sewell – HLTA

Ms Lisa Slade – HLTA

Mrs Shirley Summers – HLTA

Mrs Joanne Wilkin – HLTA

Mrs Angela Rhodes

Miss Leanne Bonner

Mrs Kae Sinclair

Miss Jo Rodgers

Miss Keisha KIng

Mrs Santhi Vadde

Miss Shawna Elwood

Mrs Penny North

Mr Rashed Jahan

Miss Joanna Paterson

Miss Hannah Swalwell

Miss Jodie Turner

Miss Megan Evans

Miss Clare Naylor

Mrs Liz Pirret

Miss Lucy Townend

Miss Humah Hussain

Miss Melissa Conroy

Mrs Ernestina Bekoe

Miss Bethan Blaxall

Mrs Shannon Cadey

Miss Fionnulala Cassidy

Miss Jessica Ellis

Mr Michael Morrison

Miss Zaria Sadiq

Miss Ellen Turner

Mr Daramola Idowu

Adim Team

Mrs Diane Rowe – Leader of Operations

Miss Marie Brazier – Office Manager

Mrs Lisa Cooper – Admin Assistant

Mrs Lauren Schofield – Admin Assistant

Mrs Emma Cowen – Admin Assistant

Mr Elliott Wardman – Senior Network Technician

Catering Team

Mrs Shona Needham – Catering Manager

Mrs Karen Hartley – Cook

Mrs Mary Maddison – Assistant Cook

Mrs Helen Stubbs – Catering Assistant

Mrs Tanya Barker – Catering Assistant

Mrs Carrie Meshi – Catering Assistant

Mrs Maria Hardman – Catering Assistant

Mrs Tina Varley – Catering Assistant & Cleaner

Mrs Jamie Hall – Catering Assistant

Mrs Leanne Birkett – Catering Assistant

Mrs Angela Hopcroft – Catering Assistant

Mrs Jade Kelly – Catering Assistant

Mrs Leanne Bikett – Catering Assistant

Mrs Stevie-Marie Spenceley – Catering Assistant

Other members of the academy team

Miss Helen Mc Gloughlin – Learning Mentor & Child Protection Officer

Miss Emma Lyner – Learning Mentor & Child Protection Officer

Mrs Joanne Rozycki – Learning Mentor & Child Protection Officer

Mr Jonathan Fahey – Learning Mentor

Mr Joe Swan – Learning Mentor & Child Protection Officer

Mrs Katie Lambert – Inclusion Support

Site Team

Mr Aaron Aznar – Premises Manager

Mr Alfonso Gomez – Site Assistant

Mr Raffaele Bellicoso – Site Assistant

Mrs Joan Hirst – Cleaner

Mrs Phillippa Kellett – Cleaner

Mrs Adele Hickey – Cleaner

Mrs Lorraine Mullings – Cleaner

Mrs Assunta Sandamenco – Cleaner

Edyata Chojnacka – Cleaner