At Temple Learning Academy, we are committed to the safeguarding of our students.

We adopt the Local Authority policies and procedures. Our Pastoral staff are all Designated Officers for Child Protection. All staff are DBS checked and undertake Safeguarding, Child Protection training and refresher training every three years.

Temple Learning Academy children are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and adopt safe practices. Our safeguarding policies and practices help to ensure that they are safe, happy and healthy.

Our Designated Child Protection Officers are:

Mr S Huddleston – Principal

Mr R Holladay – Assistant Principal – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss E Lyner – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss A Smith – Deputy Principal

Mrs L Morrell – Academy Leader for Inclusion

Mrs M Walmsley – Achievement Director for Lower School

Miss L Durn – Achievement Director for Middle School

Miss H Sully – Achievement Director for Upper School

Miss G Ferguson – SENDCO

Mrs M Qyayle- Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

DSL Poster
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There are many policies in place to safeguard our children, including:

Child protection

This is sensitive area in which all staff receive regular training. We work with other services for children and families to support the needs of our children. 

The named governor for child protection is Prof. Nneka Ikeogu. The Child Protection Policy can be viewed in our School Policy section or a hard copy is available from the school office on request.


Children’s attendance at school is monitored on a daily basis and notable absences or patterns of absences are followed up. It is crucial that children attend school every day and TLA has a strict policy on unauthorised absence and requests for extended holiday.


High standards of behaviour are expected in our school. Our Behaviour Policy sets out how we promote good behaviour and deal with any problems. TLA children are often reminded about school rules and they know that we have them in order for everyone to be happy and keep safe. We have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to all forms of bullying.

Health and Safety

Everyone at Temple Learning Academy knows they have a responsibility to ensure children and adults are able to work in a healthy and safe environment. We have several first-aiders among our staff – they deal with illnesses and accidents should they occur. The  site team ensure the school grounds and building are safe and maintained, with regular compliance checks.


Through the planned curriculum, we ensure that the issues such as mental health, healthy eating, physical exercise and safety are taught. This aspect is enhanced by themed events and many visitors to school e.g. police officers who talk to the children about issues such as road safety, safe people and drugs awareness. In an age appropriate way we will also address the issues in our immediate community including anti-social behaviour, substance abuse and domestic violence. Local support and advice on these local issues can be found by clicking on each link below.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Substance Abuse

Domestic Violence

Mental Health


Domestic Violence

We work jointly West Yorkshire Police to support children who are resident in households where there are incidents of domestic violence and abuse. In confidence, we are made aware of any incidents and can make appropriate and discreet provision to cater for the possible difficulties children or their families may experience. If you would like further support or information about domestic violence and abuse please go to or speak to a member of the academy leadership team.

Mental Health

MindMate is a Leeds-based website, for young people, their families and the professionals who support them, designed to help explore emotional wellbeing and mental health issues and offer information about where support is available. Find out more about Mindmate by viewing the link below.



All of our staff and children are aware of the best practice around e-safety and we regularly draw attention to existing local and national guidance on this subject so that we can maintain the safest possible learning and working environments for children and staff alike. We encourage parents to also ensure this is practiced within the home. Click here to see how you can support our E-Safety message at home.

Acceptable use of ICT

At Temple Learning Academy we have a focus on technology as we believe it helps prepare children for their future world. We use technology throughout the curriculum in order to provide children with addition opportunities which enhance their learning.

Safer recruitment and selection

This aspect is taken very seriously. Governors ensure that all staff new to the school and volunteers who work in school on a regular basis undertake a DSB check and full references are acquired before the person takes up post. At all staff appointments at least one of the appointment panel is Safer Recruitment Trained.

Safeguarding in Sport

We follow the Leeds Guidance, created by West Yorkshire Sports to ensure everyone is safe whilst participating in school sports.

Safeguarding in Sports Leeds

General Safeguarding Messages



View our School Policies

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. If you see, hear or know something which gives you concern please speak to someone in school.