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Pupil Premium Plus – Children Who Are Looked After

Dear Parents and Carers

Re Pupil Premium Plus and additional support

Each November/December we remind parents and guardians that the deadline for the Pupil Premium Plus self-declaration is in early January. If your child was previously in care in England or Wales and is adopted or living with you under a special guardianship order, residence order or child arrangements order, the school can claim £2300 each year to support them.

In order to claim this funding and offer additional support we need to ask that you provide us with information to show that your child is adopted, has a special guardianship order or child arrangement order. You can do this by showing us a copy of an adoption order, special guardianship order, a letter from the local authority/ adoption agency or social worker. You can arrange to do this by:

Making a confidential appointment with Mrs Quayle



This information is used by the school to claim funding in the annual School Census in January.

Admissions Policy Consultation

Red Kite Learning Trust is consulting on admission arrangements for 2021/22. The proposed arrangements are set out below.

If you would like to comment on these arrangements, please either follow the link: Admissions Consultation or send your response to:


go to: RKLT Website

The deadline for the consultation is 28th January 2020.

Admission authorities have to consult on policies periodically and this is the main reason for this consultation.

At Temple Learning Academy there are two changes that have been made which is a new priority for the children of members of staff and a new priority for children attending Meadowfield Primary School.  These are in line with the Code of Practice for Admissions.  All other arrangements are the same.

Admissions consultation letter

TLA Admissions Policy 2021 2022

December Dates

December is always a very busy month for everyone. With the run up to the holidays pupils, staff, parents and carers become increasingly busy and committed to events linking to the festive season.

To help you keep up to date with key date please check the attached newsletter. We hope you can join us for some of the events we have taking place in school.

Newsletter Dec 19



Dear Parents and Carers,

Over the past week we have had many children and staff falling ill with the D&V sickness that is hitting the whole of Leeds. Today we have 160pupils off and many staff being sent home following bouts of Ignore

The greatest number of cases involve our Reception and Year 1 classes.

We have spoken to ur CEO and made the difficult decision to CLOSE REC AND YEAR 1 only, tomorrow on Friday 29th November. This will allow pupils and staff who are already ill to recover and hopefully help stop the spread of the illness. It will also allow for a deep clean of classroom to destroy any germs that are lingering.

We appreciate the inconvenience this will cause but one in every four pupils ill and other falling ill it is a necessary measure we must take.

Information from the NHS has been shared on Facebook earlier today. If your child has been ill please keep them off school for the next 48 hours to prevent the further spread of illness.



Hi all, as club dismissal can be very busy there will be different dismissal points, from this afternoon, to help spread them out a bit.

Phase 1 (Reception and Y1) will be dismissed from the Heart space.

Phase 2 (Y2,3,4) will be dismissed from the Phase 2 classrooms (parents please check the classroom doors to see which club is on).

Phase 3 clubs will leave via the Year 8/9 entrance (main entrance).

All through Sports club will be dismissed from the Heart Space.

Parents/Carers please be patient at dismissal and don’t call for your child as some of the teachers running clubs will not know you so will need to ensure pupils are leaving with the correct adults.


Thanks for your co-operation.


It’s NATIONAL POETRY DAY this Thursday. All pupils are invited to come to school in non-uniform to celebrate the day. Throughout the day pupils will be engging in reading, writing and performing poetry. A £1 donation for non-uniform is suggested. All money raised will be used to enhance the school library resources. Thank you for your support.


YEAR 8 Vaccination Info





The HPV Vaccination is now being offered to all year 8 children to protect against HPV infection therefore reducing your child’s risk of cancer Please find for more information and to complete the consent form. The form needs to be completed whether you wish your child to receive the vaccination or not.


Your school code is ….EE141883


Deadline for consent returns….25.10.19


Contact 0113 8433101 if you have any questions


You can also return the paper copy that was sent home from school.


If you have already sent a form please ignore this message.


Thank you.

September 2019 Newsletter


It’s been a lovely start to the new academic year. Attached is our first newsletter of the year. A shorter summary version in paper form will go out to all parents and carers this week.

Important information, diary dates and a message from our new Chair of Governors is included.

Newsletter September 19



The last day in school this academic year is FRIDAY 19th JULY
School will close for ALL PUPILS at 12.15pm this day.

Building Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

The last few weeks of summer term are upon us and rather than have a gradual end to the school year a flooding incident has meant things have become much busier than we had anticipated.

A fault with the main water tank resulted in an entire floor of classrooms filling with over 1000 cubic metres of water. Although we worked quickly to get all the water out, the rooms have taken some time to dry. Currently over 20 industrial heaters and dehumidifiers are running 24 hours a day to remove the damp. In the meantime staff have created ‘pop-up classrooms’ in spaces all over school and are going above and beyond to make sure this has as little impact as possible on teaching and learning.

Some things have had to change e.g. Read, Write Inc. lessons have been replaced with in-class phonics sessions so pupils still receive the same content, assemblies have altered as Rec are using the Heart Space,