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The last day in school this academic year is FRIDAY 19th JULY
School will close for ALL PUPILS at 12.15pm this day.

Building Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

The last few weeks of summer term are upon us and rather than have a gradual end to the school year a flooding incident has meant things have become much busier than we had anticipated.

A fault with the main water tank resulted in an entire floor of classrooms filling with over 1000 cubic metres of water. Although we worked quickly to get all the water out, the rooms have taken some time to dry. Currently over 20 industrial heaters and dehumidifiers are running 24 hours a day to remove the damp. In the meantime staff have created ‘pop-up classrooms’ in spaces all over school and are going above and beyond to make sure this has as little impact as possible on teaching and learning.

Some things have had to change e.g. Read, Write Inc. lessons have been replaced with in-class phonics sessions so pupils still receive the same content, assemblies have altered as Rec are using the Heart Space,


Dear Parents and Carers,
Due to the flooding across school we will be cancelling ALL after school clubs for the remainder of the half term except these few:

Miss Leighton’s Clubs
Monday – cheerleading…
Tuesday- phase 3 dance
Wednesday – musical theatre
Friday- all through dance

Mr Connor’s All star cricket club

Miss Richardson’s Boys rugby

Miss Townend’s Phase 2 Football Club on a Wednesday

The Admin Team will confirm this with you.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding.


Cancelled Event

Due to the flood we are using ALL spaces to teach, Sadly this means we will have to postpone our Summer Fair. This will now take place in Autumn when we start back to school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fair Cancelled

Rec and Year 7 Starters


We have written to you given you details about open events in the summer term. If you have not received a letter please CONTACT SCHOOL on 01132 645456 so we can check your details and make sure you have everything you need.

Thank you.


Miss Thornber’s Mini Placement

We have some news! One of our reception teachers – Miss Thornber will be spending 9 days this half term at another school in the Red Kite Trust from Tuesday 23rd April- Friday 3rd May. She’s been asked to help them work with their team whilst a member of their staff is away.
We are very lucky at TLA to have a large Early Years team with 3 teachers and 5 Teaching Assistants across just 2 classes and strong Early Years provision so we have the capacity to release one of our members of staff. We often work collaboratively at meetings and visit each other’s schools for ideas and to develop curriculums and provision. This extended visit will give us the opportunity to further develop relationships with local schools and to develop our curriculums. The school would like support with our strengths in Maths Mastery and ICT and have just started to use a Talk for Writing literacy approach-something which we are interested in using to develop our story writing.

Emergency Contact Details


 Dear parents and carers,

It is important that we have your up-to-date contact details so we can contact you if your child needs you during the school day.

If you change your mobile phone, move house or want to change your child’s contacts list please let us know via Dojo, in writing, by contacting the school office on 01132 645456 with the information below.

Paper copies of forms are also available from the school office.

Every pupil will be given a copy this week.

Thank you for your support

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 Emergency Contact Form

Child’s name:    ____________________________________

Year Group:       ____________________________________                  

Class Teacher: ____________________________________

Address:             ____________________________________




Phone number: ____________________________________ 

Email address:   ____________________________________


Emergency Contact (1)

Name:                ____________________________________

Telephone:         ____________________________________

Address:             ____________________________________


Emergency Contact (2)

Name:                ____________________________________

Telephone:         ____________________________________

Address:             ____________________________________

March Newsletter

Attached is our newsletter for March. Please take a look and see upcoming key dates and details of things happening around school.

Newsletter March 2019

Academy Funeral Arrangements

Last week we shared the sad news about Mrs Hannah Lamptey, one of our Phase 3 teachers, who died on Wednesday. Her family have asked we pass on their thanks for the many kind cards, letters and messages from pupils and their families. The response has been overwhelming and a testament to the amazing teacher she was.

Mrs Lamptey’s funeral will be taking place on Wednesday 6th February. As a school we would like to pay our respects yet run the school as normal as possible durin…g this very difficult time. Chairs of the Governing Body have approved for the school to finish early for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils only on that day so Hannah’s closest working colleagues and a group of pupils representing the school can pay their last respects.

School will end at 12.00pm on Wednesday 6th Feb for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils. Lunch will not be served for Year 7 and Year 8 on this day.