School Closure Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

Apologies first for sending out so much information at once but please do take the time to read it.


I would like to thank you for all of your support, understanding and patience over the past few weeks as we tried to respond to Government guidance re. the Coronavirus. You are all aware that yesterday we received notice to close schools from Friday this week and we are currently in the process of planning for this.


Whilst there are still many ‘unknowns’ we are able to plan for a few ‘knowns’ and I would like to share details with you. Throughout the school closure period I will keep you up to date with developments via emails and text messages.




1. Schools have been asked to provide a childcare service for Key Workers who have no alternative childcare provision. Whilst we wait for greater clarity on this we have started to build a picture of how many children this may involve in order to plan for a service, as further Key Workers are identified by Government we will send out further requests for information. It is highly likely that childcare will initially be at school but will after next week be provided at a central location in our locality. Please keep an eye out for emails regarding this matter.


2. Schools have been asked to provide childcare for children who may be deemed ‘vulnerable’ and the Government have suggested this may involve children who have an EHCP, are ‘Looked After’ or who have a social worker; we are currently reviewing this group and will be in touch with individuals with an offer, hopefully by the end of tomorrow. Again this initial support will be school based but will probably move to a central location.


3. Schools are supporting families with information and learning to help with the school closure and isolations. Most of you will already have received Dojo communications re. ideas to support learning at home and our website has a new and update COVID section with links to home learning by year group. Further information will be sent out over the weeks as we still want to support our children and families through this time.


4. SATs for KS1 and KS2, the Y4 Multiplication Check and the Phonic Check for Year One will not take place.






  • How long the school closure will last for, it may continue into the Summer Term.


  • Whether there will be a full lockdown at some point and so no childcare offer.


  • What the Government will decide a Key Worker is.


  • Which staff will be available /in school e.g. they may need to self-isolate themselves.


  • For those families eligible through benefits for FSM we think that there will be a government scheme to support families. More information to follow.


Please be assured that we will stay in contact with you throughout this period through email and text message and Dojo so that we can keep you fully informed. During this time, it is important that we all think about our own and each other’s wellbeing. There are some things to do that will help


· Wash your hands frequently.


· Take a break from the news from time to time and try to limit the use of social media.


· Stay connected – talk about any concerns you may have and about how you are feeling.


· Keep healthy – exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep.


· Keep as many routines as you can and for your children you may need to create new routines for them e.g. keeping bedtimes and get up times, setting learning times aside.


· Help others- research shows that this is one of the ways to boost your own mental health.