Dear Parent/Carer

We have just received further information from the government regarding the arrangements being put in place for ‘Critical Workers’ to be able to continue to send their child to school during the Corona outbreak. You can see the full guidance here Guidance We are working as quickly as possible with our staff and the support of the Trust to get provision in place but this will take a little time and we really need your help.

There are several key points to bear in mind:

  • Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

  • There is no requirement for parents and carers to send their children to school if they do not need or wish to do so.

  • The provision is only for ‘Critical Workers’ and vulnerable children, the full list of critical workers and further information is available here. Critical Workers
  • Children with at least one parent or carer who are identified as critical workers by the government can send their children to school if required.
  • The provision will not offer the curriculum or opportunities your child received in school, it will be more like a child-care facility than a traditional school setting

Children showing any symptoms of Coronavirus should stay at home and follow Public Health/DfE guidance for self isolation.

The provision will offer facilities for children to be supervised and supported by Trust staff while they do work set by school staff. They will have access to play space and offer other more recreational activities specific to the setting and the age group. Food will also be provided although the menu may be much more limited than in more normal times.

Initially the provision will operate between 9am and 3pm, but this may change to incorporate pre-school and after school care depending on demand and facilities and staffing available.

We must emphasise that we are only at the earliest stage of setting up this provision and cannot answer all the questions you might have at this stage.

Free School Meals.

If your child is entitled to a free school meal, we are currently working on a solution appropriate to our school setting and we aim to issue further communication to you as soon as possible.

We now urgently need to know the numbers of children we could potentially have to cater for and even more importantly the number of children would want to take up the offer. Schools will be working together to make sure there is adequate provision in each area and it could be that the provision is in a nearby school but not the site your child normally attends. We have to make best use of our limited staffing availability and the school facilities. We are also conscious that we need to keep the numbers in each setting relatively low to reduce the risks of spreading the virus.

During the week beginning 23rd March those wishing to take up the offer will hopefully attend their normal school, but this may change as we get a better understanding of demand and patterns of use.

The government has also asked schools to make their provision available over the Easter holidays, details of our arrangements for this will follow later next week but we need to know now whether there will be a demand for this.

There is a data collection form that we need you to complete now if you believe you are a Critical Worker as defined within the government guidance and you cannot arrange childcare at home. If you do meet this criteria please click  here  to complete the form today so we can plan effectively to meet need.  Upon completion of the form, please also follow the link to make your bookings for Monday 23rd March and Tuesday 24th March. (Bookings for later next week will open at the beginning of the week).

We will also be in direct contact with some families who face particular challenges so we can offer a place in the provision if they wish to use it.

We hope you will understand that we are trying hard to play our part in what is a national crisis and we are developing solutions as we go along. We ask for your understanding and support as we try to do the best for you, our children and our country.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Mr Browne & Mr Hadfield