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New logo and new website for Temple Learning Academy

Posted 11th January 2022

We have been doing lots of work on what we think is important for us to achieve at Temple Learning Academy (our Mission) and how we want to achieve it (our Values) so that we do the very best for our children and do it in the right way.

From the moment I arrived here at TLA, it was impossible not to notice the care and empathy that all staff have for our children. We all understand how incredibly important this is as children can only begin to learn and thrive educationally when they feel safe and comfortable. Once they are at that point, we recognise that it is our role to then ensure a gentle transition in focus from ‘nurture’ to ‘academic’ to ensure that our children, by the time that they leave TLA at the age of 16, are ready to compete with other children locally and nationally; we all realise that ultimately, school is a place of educational purpose.

We are working incredibly hard to create this nurturing yet professional environment that will support and inspire our children and that will open opportunities for them that will take them as far as they dare to dream. To that end, the Values which underpin everything that we do here are TLA are:


To act with bravery, determination and initiative, and with the self-belief and confidence that we can succeed even in difficult situations.


To embrace new experiences and to see all of the possibilities open to us, placing no limits on our aspirations or what we could achieve in the future.


To act with kindness towards everyone, no matter what our differences, and to recognise the value and worth of everyone in our community


The quality of being outstanding in terms of effort or achievement.

We have a made a huge number of changes over the last 6 months in order to further develop our school and make it the best it can be for our students. 

We have launched a new website to make information about the school easier to access. We are also building closer links to the local community, local business and other organisations across the city. As part of this, we have taken the opportunity to create a new logo – one as bright and exciting as the students in our school. We have stayed true to the ‘colours’ of TLA and balanced a professional and friendly design. The unusual shape of the logo representing the unique nature of our through school and the three corners as our three values. 

Temple Learning Academy logo

Stuart Huddleston

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