Miss Thornber’s Mini Placement

We have some news! One of our reception teachers – Miss Thornber will be spending 9 days this half term at another school in the Red Kite Trust from Tuesday 23rd April- Friday 3rd May. She’s been asked to help them work with their team whilst a member of their staff is away.

We are very lucky at TLA to have a large Early Years team with 3 teachers and 5 Teaching Assistants across just 2 classes and strong Early Years provision so we have the capacity to release one of our members of staff. We often work collaboratively at meetings and visit each other’s schools for ideas and to develop curriculums and provision. This extended visit will give us the opportunity to further develop relationships with local schools and to develop our curriculums. The school would like support with our strengths in Maths Mastery and ICT and have just started to use a Talk for Writing literacy approach-something which we are interested in using to develop our story writing. They also have a lovely outdoor area which we would like to use for ideas to further develop ours.

During these 9 days Miss Thornber’s class will be taught by Miss Hussain and Mrs Walmsley as they would be in a typical school week and there will be minimal impact upon the children. Please send all messages to them during these weeks.
We promise it’s only 9 days and are so proud Miss Thornber is able to support other schools in this way.