Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to begin with a big thank you to those who work hard and support their child to make sure they are in school as often as possible and therefore have good records of attendance.

As a school we appreciate that there are times which children are sick and should not be in school however we have now reached a point where attendance is becoming the single biggest concern we have as a school.

Targets set by the Government expect children’s attendance to be at 96%. We monitor attendance on a daily basis and share our concerns when it starts to show signs of decreasing and offer support. We also telephone when children are not in school or conduct home visits to ensure their well-being.

Despite our efforts our school attendance figure is decreasing and now stands at 93.33% which is unacceptable. Approximately 25% (50 pupils) have an attendance figure this year which categorises them as ‘Persistently Absent’. We also are hearing less from parents so we are spending more time trying to track down children to find out where they are. Yesterday this has included an ‘Attendance Sweep’ by the Attendance Officer.

We have now had several meetings with the AIO (Attendance Improvement Officer) and continued poor attendance and patterns of non-attendance WILL result in fines and legal action being taken against individuals.

As a school this is not something we wish to do however our duty of care is to your child who has a legal right to be in school and we will make no apologies in trying everything in our power to ensure every child is in school every day.

We see, all too often, the impact poor attendance has on achievement, friendships and children’s mental health. This is not something we want for your child.

Punctuality is also being monitored closely.

School starts at 8.30 am. At this time children should already be in the playground waiting for teachers to open the doors and welcome them in.

Doors close at 8.35 am. Children are late if they are not in school by this time.

Again, we understand there are times when life gets in the way but for many families arriving to school at 8.45 am or 8.50 am is becoming the norm. This is not good enough and you are setting your child up to fail. Lateness will be recorded as unauthorised which will also result in fines and legal action if it continues.

A full copy of the Attendance Policy was shared at the start of the year and is available on the academy website

If you need support with punctuality or attendance please contact Miss Mc Gloughlin in school who is more than happy to help.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing attendance figures for the school increase in coming weeks.