enrichmentWbgAt Temple Learning Academy, we believe that every child should receive a rich, varied and diverse curriculum. As part of this vision, we will provide a varied programme of activities for our children both within and outside the school day.

Aspirations are key for all children and we believe that all children should have experiences at school which enable them to formulate and believe in their own personal goals. Our staff will plan visits, invite speakers into school and encourage the children to participate in experiences which enable them to grow both culturally and within their community.

JuileWe have always run a diverse timetable of enrichment activities. Timetables are shared with parents each term and pupils are invited to register their interest in as many activities as possible. During and after school we provide various clubs such as baking, yoga, comic, colouring, board games, gardening, sports, reading, dance and music depending on the children’s interests.

Our resident artist, Julie Fletcher, will be working on site and with learners as part of our enrichment programme.

We aim to develop our children as well-rounded individuals. We will, in consultation with parents, prepare them for  examinations and when the time comes for life beyond the academy and we will ensure every child has the tools they need to be successful future learners.

Our SMSC Calendar 2017 2018 also enriches the experiences of everyone in school.