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Red Kite Learning Trust is consulting on admission arrangements for 2022/23. The proposed arrangements are set out below.

If you would like to comment on these arrangements, please send your response to:

or to the registered office address: Admissions Consultation, Red Kite Learning Trust, Harrogate Grammar School, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 0DZ

Proposed admission arrangements can be viewed at:

 The deadline for the consultation is 11 January 2021

 Admission authorities have to consult on policies periodically and this is the main reason for this consultation.

 At Temple Learning Academy there are three changes which have been made. 

 1. A new oversubscription criterion has been added relating to children who have been in state care outside of England,

Important September Starting Information

Dear pupils, parents and carers,

Over summer we have been working with the Red Kite Learning Trust to complete Risk Assessments and ensure school is safe for all pupils and staff starting back next week.

Please see the attached information which details the new procedures that are in place.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation. 

We cannot wait to see you all back in school next week.

Temple Learning Academy Letter to Parents and Carers 4.9.20

Temple Learning Academy Preparations for the full opening of school September 2020

TLA Behaviour Policy


Dear Parents and Carers,

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and the nation’s thoughts are turning to going back to school. As a parent, with many of us also parents, we know how you are feeling. It’s a strange mixture of looking forward to getting the pupils back in school and getting back to the normal routine whilst also being anxious about what things may be like as we continue to deal with the virus. It’s normal to feel a bit of both.

We’ve always felt excited and nervous about school restarting in September but by the end of the first day, it’s like we’ve never been away and we’re all back in the swing of it. We are sure this year will be the same.

This year of course, we’ve had Corona to deal with. Things will look a bit different, but the current government guidelines for September will allow schools to operate in ways much closer to normal.

September news from CEO

A letter from our CEO re. September opening.

Parent Letter 02 07 2020

Free First Aid Challenge for Students

Are you ready to complete the 5-day First Aid Challenge?

-Each day you will learn new first aid skills:
Day 1 – Signs of life, Calling 999, What 3 Words Challenge
Day 2 – Looking after your casualty, ABC Challenge
Day 3 – Safe Airway Position, Video Challenge
Day 4 – CPR, Defibrillator Challenge
Day 5 – First aid for bleeding, Bandaging Challenge
Bonus – Family First Aid Kit Challenge
-There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time.

All videos to help you complete the challenge can be found on the Act Fast First Aid YouTube Channel: 


How can I complete the challenge?
-Use the workbook attached to keep a record of what you have achieved (Everything you need to know is in the booklet – Remember if you don’t have a printer you could always copy the booklet on to plain paper and add you own creative design to it!

Important Information Rec & Year 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following Government guidance we will be slowly and safely reopening schools to pupils in Reception and Year.

Our Learning Mentors will be in touch with you throughout the start of this week to answer any questions and find your views on sending your child back.

This is your decision and we support whatever decision you choose. The situation changes daily – please show patience whilst we work with you and contact everyone to ensure we have the correct staff, rooms,resources, food, systems etc… that protect your child, you and the staff in school.

Attached are some Questions and Answers for you to read through and other important information.

School Re-Opening FAQs

TLA Home school agreement COVID-19



Click the link below for important information for parents and carers of pupils in Reception and Year 1.


Letter from CEO Mon 18th May 2020

Please see attached a letter from Richard Sheriff, CEO of the Red Kite Learning Trust, with updates on potential school opening.

Letter to Parents – 18 05 2020

Letter from our CEO

A message from Richard Sheriff, our Trust Leader, in response to the latest Government advice.

Letter to Parents – 11 05 2020

Home Learning Survey

Dear Parents and Carers,

Despite the crazy times we are living in we hope you managed to have a nice weekend and enjoy some of the lovely weather we’ve been having.

It’s hard to believe that schools have only been shut for 15 school days (not including Easter) and already so much has changed.

We don’t know if you know but we had two days notice to set up ‘Online Home Learning’ with staff who were also sick or isolating. It also looks like there is no clear update on when this will end so we want to ensure we are supporting you as best as we can.

Please find below links to a simple survey questionnaires for parents and pupils about home learning.  We would appreciate your thoughts which can help us make our support even better. Please click on the appropriate link below.

 Please also share with your child or help them to complete together.

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