Vision and Values

‘Our vision is for TLA to be an exceptional, innovative community offering memorable lifelong learning experiences to enable all to achieve their full potential.

Everyone will develop the moral values, confidence, skills, resilience and ambition to change the future for the better within their local and global communities.’

To make this happen, so that each learner achieves a successful and satisfying life, our educational offer will engage families in an extended learning provision.

Every one of our learners will contribute to shaping a more positive future for the local community through personal and collective success

Our academy will be recognised for ambition and efficiency, providing outstanding teaching and extraordinary learning experiences

Our community is a learning community with a passion for success

We will ensure that our learners develop the values of lifelong learning:


Resilience We always learn from our mistakes and keep trying until we achieve our goals
Inclusivity We value the gifts each individual brings and we respect and celebrate our talents, similarities and differences
Ambition We aim high to be the best we can be, we are confident in the pursuit of this goal and proud of our successes
Caring We are responsible for ourselves and have a moral responsibility for those around us locally and globally
Creativity We value everyone’s ideas, contributions and interests. Embracing the new prepares us for the future