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Free First Aid Challenge for Students

Are you ready to complete the 5-day First Aid Challenge?

-Each day you will learn new first aid skills:
Day 1 – Signs of life, Calling 999, What 3 Words Challenge
Day 2 – Looking after your casualty, ABC Challenge
Day 3 – Safe Airway Position, Video Challenge
Day 4 – CPR, Defibrillator Challenge
Day 5 – First aid for bleeding, Bandaging Challenge
Bonus – Family First Aid Kit Challenge
-There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time.

All videos to help you complete the challenge can be found on the Act Fast First Aid YouTube Channel: 


How can I complete the challenge?
-Use the workbook attached to keep a record of what you have achieved (Everything you need to know is in the booklet – Remember if you don’t have a printer you could always copy the booklet on to plain paper and add you own creative design to it!

Important Information Rec & Year 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following Government guidance we will be slowly and safely reopening schools to pupils in Reception and Year.

Our Learning Mentors will be in touch with you throughout the start of this week to answer any questions and find your views on sending your child back.

This is your decision and we support whatever decision you choose. The situation changes daily – please show patience whilst we work with you and contact everyone to ensure we have the correct staff, rooms,resources, food, systems etc… that protect your child, you and the staff in school.

Attached are some Questions and Answers for you to read through and other important information.

School Re-Opening FAQs

TLA Home school agreement COVID-19