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Dear Parents and Carers,

Over the past week we have had many children and staff falling ill with the D&V sickness that is hitting the whole of Leeds. Today we have 160pupils off and many staff being sent home following bouts of Ignore

The greatest number of cases involve our Reception and Year 1 classes.

We have spoken to ur CEO and made the difficult decision to CLOSE REC AND YEAR 1 only, tomorrow on Friday 29th November. This will allow pupils and staff who are already ill to recover and hopefully help stop the spread of the illness. It will also allow for a deep clean of classroom to destroy any germs that are lingering.

We appreciate the inconvenience this will cause but one in every four pupils ill and other falling ill it is a necessary measure we must take.

Information from the NHS has been shared on Facebook earlier today. If your child has been ill please keep them off school for the next 48 hours to prevent the further spread of illness.